Collection of goods

In case of non-collection within 5 working days of the material in stock at the warehouses of the courier due to repeated impossibility of delivery to the delivery indicated by the Customer at the time of the order, what ordered will be returned to our warehouses.

Any problems related to the products received must be reported within 7 days of delivery (the date reported in the courier's DDT will be authentic).

Delivery times

The delivery times of the ordered goods vary depending on the availability of the product (see availability info) and the delivery method chosen at the time of filling in the order.

Outlet del Pannello assumes no responsibility for the disruptions attributable to force majeure (such as production delays of the parent/supplier companies) or delays caused by couriers, which prevent, in whole or in part, from carrying out the shipment within the times indicated in this contract.

Traceability of delivery

Follow your expedition in real time

Some couriers we use issue a unique code of delivery that we will have by e-mail at the time of shipment of the goods; with this code it will be possible to trace the goods directly on the website of the courier himself.

If, on the other hand, the unique code is not available, the invoice number and the details of the courier will be indicated in the e_mail so that you can contact the courier by phone.

Calculation of delivery costs

Delivery costs calculated on the total goods

Delivery costs are calculated depending on the total weight (or volumetric weight) of all items in the cart and vary depending on the type and province of destination.

For this reason registration is requested on our site to calculate precise and punctual transport costs.

Weight is one of the main factors that determine the final cost of shipping. But the volume occupied is also important because the shipping rates are calculated on the basis of the actual total weight or the total volumetric weight of all the packages that are part of a shipment. The volumetric weight is obtained by multiplying the volume of the neck (obtainable in turn by multiplying width x length x height) with the weight-to-volume ratio.

The products in promotion marked "Free Transport" are considered weightless and therefore do not contribute to the calculation of transport costs.

Delivery of packages and orders out of band

To ensure the best possible service, and with the best compromise quality price for the end customer, all orders over 100 KG will be divided into several packages.

Each glue will then be calculated as a multiple of 100 KG, so that the courier can deliver the material on the roadside and in the shortest possible time without extra costs for the end user.

It may therefore happen, for orders containing heavy materials (e.g. compact polycarbonate or insulated panels), that the goods are not delivered all in one shipment but in multiple shipments and that they always refer to the same order as reported in the confirmation receipt of the same sent by e-mail.

Discharge mode

Each delivery is to be considered on the roadside, that is, with the unloading of the packages in front of the address indicated during the confirmation of the order. The courier will therefore not unload the goods, or the handling of the same within the private property and/or the customer's premises. The latter will therefore have to provide itself with equipment for the handling of the goods within its private property.

If the customer needs support in unloading or handling the goods, he must request a personalized shipping quote during the order phase; or where displayed, select as the shipping mode "delivery to the plan" which will provide an extra fee that varies according to the type of courier, the weight and the quantity of goods purchased.

For more information, the customer can contact our customer service in advance for more information and related costs.

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