Are the materials directly produced in your factory?

№. We as Outlet del Pannello have an extensive online and offline sales network, consolidated for more than fifteen years on behalf of the major manufacturers of Polycarbonates and Insulated Panels.

How do you get such low prices?

Simply because we have a consolidated relationship for over fifteen years with all the major producers, and therefore we manage to have products of excellent quality at a factory price just like the real Outlet

Are the Products all certified?

Certainly. Being first choice materials, produced directly in the factories of the major national manufacturers, the materials are subjected to strict checks and certifications both within the ISO and THE EEC as required by current European legislation.

What does surmounting in two pieces or three pieces mean? What is it?

When you are in the presence of very long aquifers that exceed the maximum transportable length, or you have to arrive in a narrow and cramped place, or not reachable by appropriate vehicles you tend to opt for the surmount technique. The surmount technique is a technique used by professional perches, to be able to cover light points of considerable size by moving shorter panels and therefore lighter in weight and to be moved. This technique is called Overlapping, or it is surmounted in several pieces in Italian. Surmounting is an infinite technique, as it can be done in two pieces, three pieces, four pieces and so on.


When This operation consists in the addition to the upper panel both the lower sheet and the polyurethane foam insulation perm a length of about 150 to 200 millimeters. In this way the upper sheet is completely cleaned and free to replace the panel downstream.


at the same time the peedonability and the range ofthe same, without going to change the underlying bearing structure. In this way you can also contain the transport costs, in addition to the laying costs as the panels will be smaller, and therefore lighter to move without forklifts, and at the same time making the same easier and faster to assemble and fix in addition to the fact that the same will be transportable by national express carrier instead of by dedicated drive (as is the case for XL panels over 300cm of standard length).

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