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Reference: LGA29BG100P

Brand: Copernit

copy of Lamiera Grecata Alubel28 Grey White

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Grecata sheet metal from Alubel 28 - Grey White Color - Alubel The Alubel 28 grecata sheet, also used in tek28 insulated panels of the Gamma Alubel, represents a valid economical and functional alternative for façade coverings, roofs and works similar to the latter. Deprived of rigid expanded polyurethane, it allows you to have a greek slab at affordable...

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Reference: LGA28CC210P

Brand: Alubel

Lamiera Similcoppo - The Coppo di Alubel

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Cover Similcoppo Sheet metal - The Coppo di Alubel - AlubelCoppo di Alubel is a large metal element, produced in copper, aluminum or pre-painted steel, with its own architectural design in the shape of a coppo. The coppo di Alubel allows to obtain a functional, aesthetically pleasing, practical, light, safe cover, able to guarantee maximum safety of...

Price €23.99

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